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When she is not seeing patients, creating content or spending time with friends and family, Natalie is a fan of writing. Throughout her time at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Natalie wrote for EcoParent Magazine and The Whole Family Magazine.  You can find some of her articles below. 


Boosting Your Fertility

EcoParent Magazine

Dr. Leslie Solomonian, ND & Natalie Hennessey

"With changing career landscapes, ever-rising levels of education, and a larger focus on building a life before children, couples are having children later, and may wonder if it will even be possible by the time they are ready to have children. "

Kids & Strength Training

EcoParent Magazine

Dr. Leslie Solomonian, ND, Shivangi Maheshwari, & Natalie Hennessey

"When we think of kids and exercise, most of us think about soccer games at the local field or playing tag with friends at the park. It’s not uncommon, however, for kids to have focused training programs, especially those who are in competitive sports like gymnastics and hockey. All athletes benefit from cross-training, including cardiovascular and resistance training (RT), in addition to skills development (e.g., sports practice)."

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